When anime movie Tiger & Bunny: The Rising comes out in Japanese theatres during the summer next year, it may or may not be accompanied by a brand new PSP title, being made at the good folks over at D3 Publisher (Dream C Club, Earth Defense Force, Oneechanbara).

This week’s issue of Famitsu is revealing on Thursday something entitled “Tiger & Bunny: Heroes’ Day” for the PSP, which we currently do not have any further details on. All we know right now is that it’s under development at D3 Publisher instead of at Namco Bandai Games, who made and published Tiger & Bunny: On-Air Jack! (also on the PSP) back in September this year.

Although no concrete details on the game were released on the Web by netizens who managed to snag an early copy of Famitsu magazine, since the developer has changed, it’d be reasonable to assume this is not a sequel to On-Air Jack! by any means.

It strikes us as a little odd that D3 Publisher would actually. The veteran Japanese developer started as a games software boutique that primarily made budget titles under the “The Simple XXXX” series, where XXXX was the price in yen you would pay for the game. The Oneechanbara and Earth Defense Force video game franchises started off as such budget titles and, due to their immense popularity, shortly after the Xbox 360 was launched D3 Publisher decided to spin both series off as their own blockbuster game franchises.

As usual, we’ll update this post later in the day as more details on Tiger & Bunny: Heroes’ Day surfaces.


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