Lawson, the second biggest convenience store chain in Japan, will be running a Tiger & Bunny promotional campaign early 2013, a page on its official website revealed today. Specifically, the campaign will run for two weeks from January 1 to January 14.

No concrete details on what the Tiger & Bunny campaign will involve have been revealed. All we have to go on is the following teaser image.

Lawson, of course, is no stranger to collaborations with anime and video game franchises. Earlier this year the convenience store chain did a collaboration with 2011 hit TV anime series Puella Magi Madoka Magica (heralded by an image of the Madoka Magica girls in Summer yukata). There was also one they did with Araki Hirohiko’s Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure manga and anime series.

If past collaborations are an indication, chances are we’ll be hearing about a slew of exclusive Tiger & Bunny merchandise from Lawson very soon (well, the campaign kicks off approximately three weeks from now!)

Tiger & Bunny is animation studio Sunrise’s 2011 hit TV anime series, about a group of masked superheroes who fight crime and supervillains “live” on television, as part of a reality TV show that goes on air whenever the metropolitan police encounters a situation they’re ill-equipped to handle.

To spice things up for reality TV, these superheroes compete amongst themselves – points are awarded to heroes who are first to appear on the crime scene, whenever they save human lives, apprehend criminals, or perform other heroic actions. At the end of a season, the points are tallied up to determine the heroes’ rankings.

The anime series puts a spin on classic superhero fiction, by treating portraying superheroes as sports stars rather than the typical vigilante molds; every superhero’s outfit is plastered with sponsor logos, from Pepsi Cola and Calbee (potato chips) to Nico Nico Douga and DMM.

Outside of the TV anime series, Tiger & Bunny has also been adapted into two feature-length films that tell an abridged version of the anime’s plot with new scenes and side-stories inserted. The first movie, Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning, was shown in Singapore earlier this year in October. The second film, Tiger & Bunny: The Rising, is expected sometime in 2013.


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