Hot on the heels of the announcement in Famitsu, Namco Bandai has released the first trailer for Super Robot Wars UX, showcasing the battle animations for the upcoming 3DS title.

As we reported earlier, download codes for a campaign map and a shogi-style “TsumeSupa” game will be included in the first copies of the game. A bundle with a special SRW-themed Nintendo 3DS LL will also be available.

But that’s not what you came for, is it? On to the trailer!

Animation-wise, the quality seems to be somewhere in between the DS titles and both parts of Super Robot Wars Z 2 for the PSP, with nary a recycled sprite in sight despite several series being present in the last few DS SRWs. Presumably, Namco Bandai declined to put in any 3D effects or backgrounds (a la SRW:OGs2) in order to have enough space on the cartridge to fit in the voices.

Regardless, the animation is suitably impressive (as expected of the series) and the fact that they managed to squeeze in the voices for the battle animations should help make up for the rather small series list this time around:

– Linebarrels of Iron (鉄のラインバレル)
* Demonbane (機神咆吼デモンベイン)
– Fafner in the Azure (蒼穹のファフナー)
* Fafner in the Azure: Heaven and Earth (蒼穹のファフナー HEAVEN AND EARTH)
* Wings of Rean (リーンの翼)
– Ninja Senshi Tobikage (忍者戦士飛影)
* Virtual-On series Fei-yen HD (電脳戦機バーチャロン』シリーズ フェイ・イェンHD)
– Aura Battler Dunbine (聖戦士ダンバイン)
* Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer (劇場版 機動戦士ガンダム00 -A wakening of the Trailblazer-)
* SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors (SDガンダム三国伝 BraveBattleWarriors)
* Mazinkaiser SKL (マジンカイザーSKL)
– Macross Fronter: The False Songstress (劇場版マクロスF ~イツワリノウタヒメ~)
– Macross Frontier: Wings of Goodbye (劇場版マクロスF ~サヨナラノツバサ~)
– Dancougar Nova (獣装機攻 ダンクーガ ノヴァ)

*denotes series making their debut

What big eyes you have…

In what is quickly becoming a series tradition for standalone releases on handhelds, UC Gundam and Getter Robo are missing from the series list, and even the Mazinger series is limited to the recently released Mazinkaiser SKL.

On the other hand, the lack of the “Holy Trinity” of SRW is usually accompanied by the inclusion of unusual series that wouldn’t normally make the cut, and SRWUX is no different; how many fans can honestly say that they expected to see the SD Gundam series appearing alongside their bigger brothers in SRW, googly eyes and all?

Fei Yen HD probably takes the cake here though, being based on a PVC figure that hasn’t actually shown up in any of the Virtual On games (the Project Diva module doesn’t really count, even if Miku herself does show up in a cut-in).

She even has the trademark leeks!

Big robots, bigger explosions and more hot-blooded yelling than you can shake a leek at; it’s definitely a good time to be a mecha fan. Be sure to hit the Famitsu page for more screenshots of the game in action.

Super Robot Wars UX is slated for a March 13, 2013 release date with an expected retail price of 7,140 yen.

Source: Famitsu


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