Freelance animation director Akiyuki Shinbo is a busy man. Currently, the esteemed director is busy working on the third Madoka Magica movie as well as 2013 TV anime series [email protected]. Nevertheless, he’s making time to direct Fate/Extra CCCs opening intro, which is being produced by animation studio Shaft, the upcoming issue of Type-Moon Ace magazine is revealing on Friday (available in Japanese book stores December 15).

Outside of revealing Akiyuki Shinbo’s involvement in the opening intro for Imageepoch and Type-Moon’s upcoming PSP JRPG Fate/Extra CCC, the January 2013 (Vol.8) issue of Type-Moon Ace also has got several new images of the game, as well as some new key visual images for Type-Moon’s other highly-anticipated project, a remake of Tsukihime.

Fans of Type-Moon works looking to pick up the new issue of Type-Moon Ace should check with their local import book stores (in Singapore, that means Kinokuniya Books) on when they can expect the magazine to come in.

In the meantime, here are a few images of what’s coming in the new issue, courtesy of Akiba Jigoku who managed to snag an early copy:

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