Sony’s Ultimate Metal Gear bento lunch set (the one with Old Snake, Big Boss, and Raiden’s faces in it) was absolutely amazing. It must have taken Sony’s food artisans an incredulous amount of time (and creativity) to make it.

What a waste for Sony to make the bento lunch box only to have their party guests finish eating it in a matter of minutes! Or so Kojima Productions director Hideo Kojima thought, when he was at Sony’s party two days ago.

Unbeknownst to everyone, the esteemed Metal Gear series producer and famed mind-games trickster had apparently asked Sony for one of the Metal Gear bento sets to take back to the Kojima Productions office, where he had his people run a 3D capture scan on it, so that they may reproduce the whole thing digitally. Today on Twitter, Kojima showed off the results of his studio’s work on it, along with a few shots to document the process (note: the second image you see below is a raw 3D scan of the bento lunch box, rendered in Fox Engine under the “normal map” setting).

The final result is the image you see below. Kojima said that this level of detail is possible with his studio’s Fox Engine after spending about two hours working on the bento’s raw 3D scan. Imagine that!

On Tuesday Kojima said that the faces in the bento were made with mashed potato, the hair and beard made from green onion, the eyes are quail eggs with tapioca used for eye colours, and that the bandanas are seaweed. Looking at the digitally recreated bento, you can definitely see those ingredients in the image’s glistening detail.

“This is SCE’s specially-made MG25 anniversary ultimate character lunch box, digitally recreated in FOX Engine!” Kojima proudly proclaimed in another tweet.

“Since I first tweeted about the ultimate character lunch box [two days ago], the tweet has been retweeted over 10,000 times, and so I was surprised! You guys must really like character lunch boxes, huh? Maybe we’ll release this as an in-game item *laughs*,” he continued.

Want to see that happen in a Kojima Productions game someday? Then make sure you go over to this tweet over here, and RT the hell out of it.


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