Available now for all versions of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PC, PS3, Xbox 360), the new “Slingshot” content pack introduces a unique “Triad” operative character (a Heavy unit with insane stats) and three additional Council missions tied to the new Triad operative… whose name is Zhang.

You can’t change his name, like with the rest of your XCOM operatives. That’s not how Triad people roll.

Sure, Zhang may not be the most fearless-sound name for a Triad member by any means, but once you’ve saved and recruited him after the first Slingshot mission, you’ll be glad this guy is on your side; not only is he a tough guy, story-wise, but he also has higher-than-usual stats for a Heavy unit.

In the first of three Council missions, which happens about a third of the way into a fresh single-player campaign, Zhang starts out as a civilian unit that you must rescue as one of your objectives. After having met with the alien threat first-hand, Zhang decides to wash his hands in a gold basin (“quit the Triad” in… er, Triad lingo) in order to join XCOM and fight them ugly aliens. The first Slingshot mission is also said to be a great opportunity to acquire Chrysalid autopsy research early on.

The two other new Council missions included in the DLC pack comes much later on, when you’ve had a chanced to promote Zhang a few times and research improved weapon tech. These missions will have you battle the alien threat aboard one of their battleships in the skies over China.

The Slingshot content pack is available for US$6.99 on the PlayStation Network and Steam for Windows PC, and 560 Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360 console.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown, publisher 2K Games and developer Firaxis Games’s critically-acclaimed turn-based strategy title, is available at all good video game stores across Singapore, and online via Steam for Windows PC.


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