This year’s EOY event was at Marina Barrage and it was only on Sunday the 9th of December. The organizers were so good to arrange a shuttle bus service at the bus stop near the Marina Bay MRT station.

The timing wasn’t exactly stated but if you waited for a while, the bus came by with a mini poster saying it was the EOY shuttle bus going towards the Marina Barrage. With all the cosplayers, photographers and otaku in the bus, it was quite fun like an anime bus.

WELCOME TO THE MARINA BARRAGE! If you walked from the Gardens by the Bay side, you’d see this first.

However once you arrived at via the shuttle bus side, you’d realize that there were cosplayers EVERYWHERE. The weather was hot and thankfully sunny. Not rainy at all so that cosplayers, photographers and visitors spread out everywhere at the barrage.

The art booths were well spaced out to the side and underneath the shade. However, it could get a bit windy so the booth owners had to hold onto their prints or put paper weights on them at times. When the wind blew, it was quite refreshing for everyone on that side since it was THAT humid.

If you wanted a snack, there were booths selling drinks too and Bon Japan had candy besides cute toys to be sold. Special Pokemon chocolate and other imported Japanese biscuits, soda powder or ramen were available to be bought too.

If you went to the EOY website or facebook, you’d know there was a downloadable game for your phone to fight and zap the bugs and enemies at the event itself besides doing it online.


Since this was the Marina Barrage, there were more itasha cars parked than just the usual one or two cars.

There were bikes! It was the first times there were a number of itasha bikes showcased with the cars. Randomly, there was also a wedding happening on the same day and a LIMOUSINE DROVE IN.

And now to let the pictures speak for themselves. Here’s a special meido cafe dollfie display.

Stage performances like singing and dancing were there in the programme throughout the day too.

Of course, there were always photos of cosplayers to be had! There was plenty of space in the main area of the marina barrage or at the walkway towards the Gardens by the bay.

But since this year’s EOY is at the Marina Barrage, it enabled a lot of beautiful water shots too! Just make sure you don’t accidentally get your cameras wet when the fountain starts its rhythmic sequence.

At the end of the day, EOY was pretty great! Great setting even if it could be hot in the main area. The only thing that I could foresee trouble for the EOY committee is that, if they want to do it at the same location next year, is that they have to position their volunteers at the Marina Barrage exhibit entrances.

There were a LOT of spaces for everyone to be at but some inconsiderate cosplayers lay down in the exhibit area in the second level where visitors or tourists were able to learn about the water filtration system in Singapore. It was air conditioned but it wasn’t a space for people to rest in as it was really an exhibit area and it blocked the walking space for people.

Hopefully the Marina Barrage officials will let the EOY commitee use the same location if they choose to have it there since it’s too good of a place not to do it again.


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