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Remember a time when video game-based live-action movies sucked? Oh wait, they still do… Unless, they’re fan-made!

In recent years a number of fan-made live-action productions have shown us that it is possible for a group of dedicated, talented people to come together and put forth a live-action VG adaptation that’s not only true in spirit to the original games, but highly entertaining and worth watching… Well, not every single one is true to its source material, of course (this one’s still pretty entertaining nonetheless).

And the latest such fan-made film to continue that trend is the following 18-minute-long live-action short film adaptation of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog, produced by BlueCore Studios and directed by Eddie Lebron (of the “MegaMan” fan film fame), that takes us to a re-imagined origins story of “The Blue Blur” where Sonic – an initially unidentified hero – rises to the occasion after mad robotics physicist Dr Julian Kintobor – who now calls himself Dr Robotnik – attempts to take over the world of Mobius with his army of robots.

It’s hard to believe that this Sonic the Hedgehog fan film is not officially endorsed or even sanctioned by Sega, given its quality. And the writing in the fan film is far better than any actual Sonic game that have come before, to boot.

But as long as Sega maintains that Sonic’s audience is an all-ages group, I think there will never be an official Sonic the Hedgehog product (games, animation, etc) with a story plot half as edgy as BlueCore Studio’s work.

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, James Rolfe from the Internet video series sensation The Angry Video Nerd (now with a full-length feature film in production that’s coming direct to Blu-ray/DVD worldwide in 2013) plays the part of one of the TV news anchors in the Sonic fan film.

Earlier in the week The Angry Video Game Nerd’s YouTube account was suspended due to alleged copyright infringement complaints and objections of the way Rolfe portrays video games on his show, but Google has since found the claims to be wrongfully filed and restored the account.

Source: Neogaf [via Kotaku]


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