The delusion keeps getting bigger! How much bigger? It’s invading into real-world Japan (as opposed to the show’s fictional setting that’s based on real-world Japan). In order to promote the upcoming second season of Hikounin Sentai Akibaranger (非公認戦隊アキバレンジャー), a Super Sentai-themed cafe has opened in Japan’s Akihabara district. The promotional sentai cafe will stay open until February 17, 2013.

As of post time, pictures of the cafe interior have not yet surfaced, so we don’t know if the decor has been done up to match the look of the Sentai cafe in the show. On the other hand, the  menu for the “Akibaranger Cafe Delusion Base” (“妄想基地”) is suitably Sentai-themed, as you can see below:


There also appears to be a set of Z-Cune Aoi badges with 5 different designs available; the information on the cafe’s website seems to indicate that the badges are free presents for patrons of the cafe (specifically, one badge for every patron who orders from the Sentai menu).

Nijiyome Academy Z-Cune Aoi (にじよめ学園 ズキューーン葵) is a fictional (or metafictional, if you prefer) anime series featured in Akibaranger, much like Getsumento Heiki Mina (月面 兎 兵器 ミーナ) from the TV Drama adaptation of Densha Otoko (電車男).


No new information on the 2nd season has been released since the announcement, but it’s definitely nice to see the series getting some recognition after such a long break. Perhaps the dream of becoming an official Sentai for the show’s protagonists isn’t that far off after all…?

The Akibaranger Cafe, held at the B1 floor of Pasela’s Akihabara Electric Town branch (Google Maps link here), will be open from now till February 17; opening hours are from 11:30 AM to 5:00 PM JST.

Source: JEFusion, Official website


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