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With just two more days to go to the release of Babymetal‘s major debut single, Ijime Dame Zettai, Kawaii Girls Japan has put together a short video interview with the teenage trio, who talk a little about the song and the music video for it (which was shot in a cave; check it out for yourself in the second video embedded below), as well as their ambitions for the new year ahead of them.

A trio comprising leader Suzuka Nakamoto (Su-Metal; formerly a member of Karen Girl’s, the unit that performed Zettai Karen Children’s first OP, Over The Future), Mizuno Yui (YUIMETAL), and Kikuchi Moa (MOAMETAL), Babymetal is part of a greater girl idol group called Sakura Gakuen that was formed in 2010.

Units within the Sakura Gakuen group are each considered a bukatsu (部活) or co-curricular club within Sakura Gakuen. There’s the Baton Club (Twinklestars), Newspaper Club (SCOOPERS) Science Club (Kagakubu Kagaku Kyumei Logica?) and more.

As for Babymetal, well, you’ve heard of the keionbu (軽音部, literally “light music club” in Japanese) in K-On!. right? Well Babymetal is sort of like an antonym of K-On – within Sakura Gakuen the trio is referred to as the Heavy Metal Club (重音部).

Babymetal’s major debut single, Ijime, Dame, Zettai (イジメ、ダメ、ゼッタイ) hits CD stores in Japan January 9, 2013. For more information on the various editions of the release, refer to Kawaii Girl Japan’s story.

Source: Kawaii Girl Japan


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