It is a month of humanity versus aliens, especially for this coming February. We dug out a few gems where people simply aren’t satisfied playing video games, but cosplay them too. 

Aliens: Colonial Marines


Aliens has been with us for a long time, so it is no wonder many people have attempted to cosplay the aliens themselves. We found one such Alien in tumblr; and somehow Aliens love watching a match of basketball.


Dead Space 3


French cosplayers Léa and Kevin pulled off a convincing cosplay of Ellie and Isaac respectively, partnering up in last year’s Japan Expo 2012. Kevin sculpted the Security Suit, though we noticed there are some not-so-prominent inconsistencies with the original reference design. We reckon that it is to facilitate the costume’s mobility, as the armour shards would restrict movement on the arms and shoulders.


Crysis 3


Despite being made in 2010, Anthony (also known as Master LE) still holds the benchmark of a good Nomad, or at least his suit. It comes with all the spiffy details like lights and weapons, though we hope there would be an update on the suit with the Crysis 3’s Composite Bow.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is due for release on the 12th, Crysis 3 on the 19th and Dead Space 3 on the 5th. All three games are multi-platform, so have fun hunting down your favourite critters!


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