Moji Maker Z

Do you want to see your name written just like the logo of Dragon Ball Z? That’s easy! And I tell you, mad Photoshop skills aren’t necessary. All you need to do is visit Toei Animation’s official website for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie and use their MOJI MAKER Z app.

Moji Maker Z app

The page is in Japanese so I’ll give you a bit of a walkthrough.

In step 1, you need to type your first name and last name in the two separate fields. Note that these fields do not accept spaces. If you type your name with a space, an error message pops up. So if your first name consists of two names, just pick the best one or you can do it like this: JohnMark (the final result of the logo tightly packs all the letters together, anyway). The fields only accept roman letters. I tried typing my name in katakana, but it gave me an error message.

In step 2, just choose from among the four backgrounds.

After typing in your name and selecting your preferred background, hit the dragon ball that says “GO!”

Wait for it to generate the logo. Afterwards, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see your name written in Dragon Ball Z font style. The app generates a rectangular and square banner, so pick whichever you like (or get both!). You can share the logo you’ve created through Facebook and Twitter.

The site doesn’t limit you with one background. You can try all four backgrounds available. And that’s precisely what I did!

Here are the logo designs I got:

For more information on Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie, just read our previous post.


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