Are you ready for a third round of survival horror in space? Earlier last week, we had a chance to experience Dead Space 3 demo on the Xbox360. Featuring a short thirty minute scenario worth of gameplay with Necromorphs and enemy soldiers, we take a peek on what is new in Dead Space 3 compared to its predecessors.

Starting off injured and crash landed into a snowy planet, you continue to play as Isaac Clarke in the single player mission of the demo. You trudge along the heavy snowstorm and slowly get acquainted with the basic controls. The occasional Necromorph will pounce on you, as usual. The overall feel of helplessness is still there, though we wonder why the tutorial never taught us on how to use Stasis to slow the Necromorphs down.

Controls still feel as tight as Dead Space 2, so no issues for veteran players. Though one issue we were curious about; Clarke actually moves faster while aiming compared to walking in the snow. There are some quick-time events, but one that requires you to use your analog stick as well.

As you move along, you will meet up with a partner. Yes, an actual character that will proceed along the game with you that isn’t a NPC. By gathering up another player online, you can co-op with your friends. There actually is a function for this, but it wasn’t tested and requires both users to have Xbox Live Gold accounts. Isaac will soon encounter a Bench to modify his existing weapons, as well as create new weapons from schematics and parts obtained throughout the environment. It’s an interesting concept, to say the least. We will explain more on weapon crafting later on below.


You will soon encounter soldiers shooting at the Necromorphs and you if you alert them. This is where your ability, Kinesis, gets to shine. As you hide behind cover, grab the grenades thrown at you by those soldiers and throw it back at them with Kinesis. Of course, the usual razor-sharp limbs of the Necromorphs can still be used as spears to impale your enemies. The variety of Necromorphs are limited in this demo, but there was this Large Necromorph that came charging at us, tendrils and all.

The game ends with a sequence involving a large spinning drill and a larger-than-life Necromorph. Don’t want to spoil you guys too much, so you’ll have to experience the demo yourself.

One very nifty feature we managed to fiddle in the demo was the other mode where we get unlimited materials and parts to experiment the different weapons we get to mash up to create the ideal weapon for Isaac Clarke. Weapon crafting is a very unique experience this time round, yet easy to navigate. We were able to re-create a BFG-like weapon using the various parts. The only pity about this mode is that there are no Necromorphs for target practice. [Edit] Apparently there was a toggle switch located on the left of the Bench to bring about 4 to 5 Necromorphs.

The Dead Space 3 demo will be free to download on Xbox Live and Playstation Store  starting from tomorrow. The full game will be released on February 5, 2013 for the Xbox360, PS3 and PC.



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