With the new year comes new stuff, and the EVA Store in Harajuku sure knows how to entice its fans to purchase some of its products.

Audio Technica has collaborated with the Evangelion franchise before, and back in 2007 they created limited edition headphones from their popular ATH-M50 headphone line.


This year, instead of relying on headphones, they are looking at another kind of headphones – the in-ear types. Sporting a classy cool blue look, the A.T.EVA HQ-3.0 IEMs are produced by Evangelion’s very own musical score producer Sagisu Shiro. This limited edition model comes with a box with SEELE-inspired motifs, which houses the pair of in-ears and a shirt. Price is currently unknown, but it has already begin pre-orders at the store.


The EVA Store also stocks some pretty handy lifestyle goods as well. Everyone has probably heard of the crazy snowstorm in Tokyo that came as sudden as it went. What better way than to have an umbrella with designs that resembles EVA-01’s colour scheme.


Last but not least, a spectacle case to protect your geek-creed spectacles, with 2 different designs. We prefer the Angel-like motifs that are inspired by typical Japanese new year’s designs. Of course, hardcore EVA-01 fans will pick the other.


Which of these items do you think you’ll end up purchasing if they are available in your country of residence?


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