Toyota has announced earlier this Wednesday on 9 January on commercializing the production of the Toyota Auris. It is no ordinary production, as it is a collaboration between Mobile Suit Gundam’s iconic antagonist, Char Aznable and his trademark red. 

Decked out in custom fins, vents and a Zaku II styled antenna, the Toyota Auris Char Aznable Custom will also have custom decals and styling on the chassis. The both the interior and exterior will have the Toyota logo replaced by the iconic Zeon logo from the anime series.

The original voice actor for Char Aznable, Shuichi Ikeda, graced the product announcement as well, together with a model dressed as the character.

The Toyota Auris Char Aznable Custom is scheduled to be on sale within Japan by end 2013. It is still unknown if this particular model will have a limited run, or if the car will be launched globally. Char Aznable fans with driving licences will surely put the Toyota Auris into their check list of items to purchase, granted that this is arguably their most expensive to date.

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