exploding passionlip

“I won’t fight. I hope you’ll do the same too,” Passionlip says in a coy, slightly uncertain voice at the start of Fate/Extra CCC‘s 7th character-introduction short movie.

Passionlip appears to be a bit of a pacifist, true to Famitsu’s description of the Sakura Matou lookalike.

“Sorry for being selfish about it,” Passionlip apologises for not wanting to fight. Rather than make war, she’d rather make friends.

“… Can I, introduce myself?”

“My name is… Passionlip. I’d be happy if you’d dr-drop all formalities and just call me by my name.” She’s like a shy kid at school.

Except, the world of Fate/Extra CCC is no regular school. It is a virtual world, and Passionlip is an artificially-created existence.

Apparently, the reason why Passionlip is so… well-endowed is simply due to some random numbers her creator entered while filling out the statistical value for Passionlip’s bust circumference.

In the latter half of the vid, we see Passionlip squirming as some sick bastard (Gilgamesh, Rin Tohsaka’s Servant, judging from the video) tries to make her chest grow even larger, by entering an insanely huge data value.

“…Nguu… uguu…!! Stop it, stop it please! Why… when I don’t even possess any magic ability.”

Find out what’s going on when Fate/Extra CCC (PSP) comes out on March 28 in Japan.

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