fully colored Dragon Ball Z manga

Last month, we have reported about the release of the Dragon Ball Z manga in full colour. It will be out in a few weeks in Japan. So, if you can no longer hold your excitement down, here are some of the sample pages scanned by the peeps over at Saiyan Island that you can enjoy:

I’m not sure how many fans have actually read the manga, but I’m pretty confident that most of you have watched the anime when you were still young. Looking at the scans will certainly remind you of your childhood days.  Did you use to imitate the battle scenes of Goku and Vegeta (I did, even if I’m a girl!), regardless of how crazily fast their movements are? Now you can enjoy seeing those wicked moves in the upcoming fully coloured manga.

The Saiyan Saga will be covered by the three volumes to be released on February 4. This arc has a total of 17 chapters, each having 248 pages. Following this part will be the Frieza Saga which is planned for an April 4 release. This saga will consist of five volumes. Finally, the Cell Saga and the Majin Buu Saga have been announced, but we have yet to hear the release date. The manga will also feature an interview with Dragon Ball creator, Akira Toriyama. The mysteries of the Dragon Ball world will be unveiled in the said interview.

All the sagas covered by Dragon Ball Z will be released in physical format. On the other hand, the prequel, Dragon Ball, will be released in digital format (no specific release date announced).

The fully coloured manga will only be available in Japan. To date, no plans have been announced for a North American and European release.

Source: Saiyan Island


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