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Finally, Yume Yume from Hatsune Miku feat. Future Stars Project Mirai (3DS) is coming to Project Diva Arcade!

The three other songs featured in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade’s February songs update are on the rocks (also from Project Mirai), Kipple Industry Inc (brand new to the Project Diva series), and The Story of the Girl and Her… (also new; was featured in a previous MikuPa concert).

All four songs will be accessible in PDA cabinets in Japan and Asia beginning February 5. Here’s a trailer reel:


Yume Yume / ゆめゆめ

yume yume
Music & Lyrics by DECO*27
Illustration by akka

Theme song to Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai, Yume Yume was featured in the Saigo no Miku no Hi Kanshasai concert held last year on March 9.

For the Project Diva Arcade rendition, Sega is doing an arranged version of the dance motion or choreography for the song as seen at last year’s concert. The stage backgrounds you see in the Project Diva Arcade version are based on those in the opening movie for Project Mirai.


on the rocks

on the rocks
Music & Lyrics by OSTER project
Illustration by IRIASU

The song comes courtesy of OSTER project, who’s said to be the leading authority on jazz amongst the Vocaloid producers featured in Sega’s Hatsune Miku games. A song written specifically for the 3DS Project Mirai game, on the rocks brings out the adult sensibilities that KAITO and MEIKO possess – even more so now that the song’s PV is in HD quality.


Kipple Industry Inc / キップル・インダストリー

the story of the girl and her
Music & Lyrics by millstones
Illustration by 2e

Kipple Industry Inc is the first ever Happy Hardcore track to be feature in the Project Diva series, brought to you by millstones, a Vocaloid music producer who’s worked on many Drum and Bass and Technopop tracks. This song is millstones’s debut work in Project Diva.

In creating the accompanying visuals for this song, Sega says that they worked hard to try and preserve the same sort of world view as seen in Kipple Industry’s original PV when it was self-published on Nico Video (watch it below), and as described in the song’s lyrics.

To top it off, Sega motion-capped the dance motion for this song from popular Odottemita! (踊ってみた or lit. “I’ve Danced It”) movie maker Shizuku (雫) for that extra touch of special. The Sega feat. Hatsune Miku Project development team must really love this song.


The story of the Girl and Her… / 白い雪のプリンセスは

the story of the girl and her
Music & Lyrics by のぼる↑
Illustration by 猫乃ふにや

A song that fans have often requested for Sega to add to PDA over on the game’s dedicated online portal Diva.Net.

This song was previously featured in a MikuPa concert (the one held on 8 March 2012, if I’m not mistaken). Marza Animation Planet’s Hideyuki Kinoshita (random fun fact: Kinoshita worked on Dead or Alive 4, too) worked on the dance motion/choreography for the song back then, and Sega is getting him to do a re-arranged version of the dance motion for the Project Diva Arcade’s PV.

Special thanks to SGCafe reader Pineapplepen for tipping us off!


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