So you have played Hitman Absolution over the holidays. Guns ablazing or sneaky and silent? Whichever your choice, these videos will surely amaze and amuse you with their take on what it takes to be Agent 47. 

Two fan productions (pretty famous among the netizens actually) created their own style of Hitman flair, both with great production quality and direction.

Freddie Wong  has done loads of video game spoofs on his youtube channel freddiew, mostly involving guns and action. Together with Brandon Laatsch, they made fanboys’ wet dreams come true…. almost.

Spoofing the different play styles of gamers controlling Agent 47 in their missions, which video director and producer Michael Shanks blatantly labels as “Professional” and “Idiot”. And he does it with graphic novel filters, a la Kill Bill style.

Which Agent 47 do you like better?


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