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Details on a Hyouka X Blood Donation (氷菓x献血) collaborative campaign that the Japan Red Cross Society said would begin in late January, as well as the design for the poster they’d be giving out as part of the promotion, have been finalised.

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news: the campaign itself will run for over two months – from January 25 all the way till March 31 this year – and the Japan Red Cross Society is fairly confident that it will have enough “Hyouka X Blood Donation” posters and clear files to hand out to all who are brave and kind enough to step forward and donate blood.

Below you’ll find a sample image of what is more or less the design of the poster that blood donors will receive; for some reason, the Japan Red Cross Society felt necessary to include a small disclaimer saying that the design is subject to change.

It features a close-up of Hyouka heroine Eru Chitanda, with a line of dialogue “I’ve become interested in donating blood” (わたし、献血が気になります!!) below her picture.

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Since this campaign will last for two entire months, unlike the situation that blood donors at the recent Comiket 83 event faced (only 3,000 posters were available), there should be enough commeorative posters and clear files for all Hyouka fans who’d want one to receive it. That’s terrific news, right?

Hopefully we won’t hear any terrible stories about any blood-sucking anime loot hoarders auctioning off the Red Cross Society’s kind token of appreciation at unscrupulous prices to fans who’d pay for it.

But there is also bad news.

Even though there should be more than enough stocks to meet fan demand, to get your hands on one of these Hyouka X Blood Donation commemorative goods, you’d actually need to travel all the way to Japan’s Gifu prefecture. Just like the Hyouka rice thing before this, the Gifu prefecture is the only part of the country where the collaborative campaign will be held.

Nevertheless, if you’re a hardcore Hyouka fan who needs to have everything, or if you happen to be visiting Gifu sometime between now and the end of March, head over to the Japan Red Cross Society webpage here to find links (highlighted in blue) to the addresses and maps to the three blood donation centres the association operates in the Gifu area.

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Source: Japan Red Cross Society


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