Koda Kumi Lovely music video

You often see Koda Kumi exuding her sexy charms in most of her songs. After all, the popular Jpop singer started the ero-kakkoii (sexy cute) trend. But this 2013, Koda strays away from her iconic image and tries something different with her brand new Lovely music video.

People who are fond of light and cheerful tracks will appreciate Koda Kumi’s rendition of the song originally sung by Kenji Ozawa.

Watch and enjoy the music video full of colourful balloons, adorable mascots and cute things:

Lovely is part of Koda Kumi’s 2013 cover album entitled Color the Cover. Upon seeing the album art, I was under the impression that she will stick to her sexy image when promoting the songs on her album. But I’m glad I was wrong. It’s nice to see a cute side of Koda Kumi and she pulls it off well in the video.

Color the Cover will be released on February 27. For the full details about the tracks on her upcoming cover album, see our previous post.

If you want to hear the original Lovely song, check it out here:

What do you think of Koda Kumi’s cover? Is it now playing constantly in your head?

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