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And so, the slow drip of info for Square Enix’s highly-anticipated (or not-so-highly-anticipated) PS3 and X360 RPG Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, begins. In this new trailer streamed on the Net today, we see Noel fighting Lightning, and a better-refined release period: Autumn 2013.

Well, Automne 2013 in the French version of the trailer you’ll see below (which has English voices).

And just in case you prefer to hear Noel speak in Japanese, here’s the same trailer again but with JP voice-acting:

Apparently, this particular cut of the trailer is known as the “Jump Festa trailer complete version”. I wonder if that means that the trailer had already been shown, behind closed doors, to Jump Festa attendees way back in December of last year, but was just being held back because Square Enix wanted to generate a teeny weeny bit more buzz (one new cutscene to watch in the trailer… seriously, Square Enix?) for the title in January.

Given that the Japanese version of this trailer – and only the Japanese one – did not end off with the “Autumn 2013” text as seen in the international version of the same trailer, I suspect that might be the case.

Expect to continually hear about Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – in small doses – as we get closer to Autumn 2013.

In the meantime, if you still hunger for more information, check out IGN UK’s preview of the game that was published today. IGN’s UK Editorial Assistant Luke Karmali went hands-on with a development build of the game, and finds out just exactly how amazing Square Enix’s so-called “Amazing ATB” system really is.

Source: IGN


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