lisa xmas and new year greetings

English, Chinese, Indonesian, and Portugal – those are languages that anisong artiste LiSA isn’t exactly fluent in. But that didn’t stop the spirited performer from wishing fans – many of whom love her songs despite not being fluent in Japanese either – her warmest seasons’ greetings in their native languages via a number of videos that Kawaii Girl Japan has been publishing all week long.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter, best known for singing the OPs to TV anime series Fate/Zero (Oath Sign) and Sword Art Online (crossing field), first graced our shores here in Singapore in 2011 as part of Anime Festival Asia’s “Rock Your Soul!” concerts.

In 2012, the energetic performer appeared at both the Singapore and Indonesia legs of Anime Festival Asia.

LiSA’s third album, Lover”S”Mile, came in at #1 on Tower Records Shinjuku’s list of best-selling anisong CDs for the year of 2012.

New Year Message to Indonesian fans

X’mas Message to Indonesian fans

X’mas and New Year Message to English-speaking fans

X’mas Message to Chinese-speaking fans

X’mas and New Year Message to Portugese-speaking fans

Source: Kawaii Girl Japan


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