megpoid the music megu megu fire endless night

Watch Vocaloid Gumi strut her stuff to Megu Megu Fire Endless Night in this second Megpoid the Music♯ gameplay video that developer ParaPhray has uploaded today.

Also shared today: the titles of three more songs from the game’s featured track-list. Music videos embedded after the jump.


Megu Megu Fire Endless Night (メグメグ☆ファイアーエンドレスナイト)

Song lyrics, composition and arrangement by Vocaloid producer samfree.


Note: the following three music video seen below are self-published works first uploaded to Japanese video-sharing site Nico Nico Douga, and not representations of what players will see in Megpoid the Music♯

Ama no Jaku / A Born Coward (天ノ弱, song by “164”)

A powerful song about unrequited love from renowned Vocaloid producer”164″, that’s seen over two million views on Nico Nico Douga.

Illustrator Takumi Torigoe provided the illustration seen in the video below.

Kiritorisen / Cutting Line (キリトリセン. song by “40mP”)

In 40mP’s (read as 40-meter-P) Kiritorisen, Gumi sings about the bitter-sweet subject of love to a tune composed of light-hearted melodies.

Everything – lyrics, song, and illustrations – you see and hear in the video below were done by 40mP.

Raid of Glass (song: “maya”)

A song about the pains of falling in love.

Song produced by “maya”. Illustrations in the original music video you see below were done by Kanae Fujishiro (藤代叶), and the video itself was put together by “Nyto”.


Megpoid the Music♯ (read as “Megpoid the Music Sharp”) for the PSP comes out in Japan on March 28, 2013.

Megpoid the Music♯ Official Site


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