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Raiden masquerades as MGS1’s cyborg ninja Gray Fox in this new trailer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance that was uploaded to the Web today.

The so-called “Custom Body chapter” trailer also offers a brief look at four other DLC custom body suits – namely, the “White Armor”, “Inferno Armor”, “Command Armor”, and “MGS4 Raiden” costumes.

Ganers in Japan receive the Gray Fox skin as long as they snag a first-print copy of the game in any edition – including the digitally-downloadable version sold through the PlayStation store. Konami Japan describes availability for the Gray Fox body suit DLC codes as  “while stocks last”.

Additionally,  Japanese gamers who pre-order a copy of the game from certain participating retailers will also receive one of the aforementioned three “Armor” skins – each exclusive to specific retailers (for details on that, check out our previous story here).

These “Armor” body suits will confer upon Raiden the ability to carry slightly more items of a certain category: White Armor lets you carry more health replenishing item, Inferno (red) increases your grenade capacity, and Command (green) does the same for missiles.

The last of five DLC skins mentioned is the Metal Gear Solid 4 Raiden (MGS4 Raiden) body suit. Codes for MGS4 Raiden are issued out in Japan only to gamers who tweeted their impressions of the game’s demo (downloadable now on the Japanese PlayStation store) in a Twitter campaign organised by Konami.

mgs4 raiden

Although currently the MGR:R demo is downloadable only on the Japanese PSN Store (but otherwise made available worldwide as a bonus included with Zone of the Enders HD Collection), Kojima Productions have said that they’re planning to make the demo downloadable on PSN and Xbox Live in the Western world sometime in January.

As for the body suit DLC codes, in the US and Europe they will be doled out in similar pre-order campaigns for the highly-anticipated action title. The details vary per region, but in general gamers will receive different body suit DLC codes depending on which retailer they pre-order from, as well as the edition of MGR:R they’re buying.



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