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After spending four weeks and grossing over six billion yen (~US$67,509,324) at the box office in Japan, Toei Animation’s hit anime movie One Piece Film Z is setting sail to five countries in Asia. In order of premiere dates: Taiwan (January 25), Singapore (February 1), Hong Kong (February 14), Thailand and South Korea (dates undecided).

The Singapore premiere date, in particular, is surprising to us, and not just because it’s approximately two weeks from now.

It’s surprising to us because the date listed by Toei Animation in their press release to Japanese press is different from the one listed here in Singapore – One Piece Film Z is scheduled to premiere at Cathay cinemas February 21, 2013.

At the moment we do not know yet where the anime movie will be shown on February 1 in Singapore, if Toei’s statement to the Japanese press is to be believed. Chances are, the February 1 date refers to a limited sneak peak or preview for the new anime film.

The five Asian territories listed above may not be the only countries in the region to see a theatrical release for One Piece Film Z. Although at the moment these five are the only confirmed ones, Toei Animation reveals that they have also received offers to screen the film in other Asian countries from various movie distributors.

Outside of Asia, Toei Animation’s Iriya Azuma, director of the anime studio’s global licensing business department, also hopes to bring One Piece Film Z to Europe, America, and the rest of the world.

“In Japan alone it’s proven to be a huge box office record so far. And so we’d like to ride on the vigour of that success, and bring it outside of Japan – not just to Asia, but also to Europe and the Americas. We hope that the movie can set sail on a grand voyage to destinations everywhere, and connect the world,” he told the Japanese press.

Source: Yahoo! Japan News


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