Fans of Perfume all over the world can now officially take part in Perfume’s fanclub registration, or at least, be able to make payment for their membership. 

In the official P.T.A world fanclub site, one can begin their annually membership subscription payment starting from today. However, the official commencement of the membership will begin on 13 February 2013, 9PM, GMT+9. If in the event that you are already a P.T.A fanclub member, you need not register again, as the fanclub’s perks and privileges remain the same, if not better. The yearly membership is priced at 1,200 yen.

Ironically, fans who have pre-registered on the site last year did not receive any information about the commencement of the subscription payment.

At press time, 330 fans have made payment to their membership.


On a recent Doraemon episode, a snippet of Perfume’s upcoming single Mirai no Museum was featured as the ending theme, with the girls being portrayed in Doraemon’s art style. Perfume has mentioned that it was a dream for them to be featured in a childhood anime, especially one such as Doraemon.

[EDIT]  Thanks to a fan in the local community for clarifying the pre-registration, and that it was only to declare interest. The actual benefit was an email to tell fans about the details of the implementation of the worldwide fanclub  wallpaper.

It stated on the site itself at the bottom of the page  that the actual registration will open on 14 January onwards, and if fans register before 13th February, they will be able to watch the P.T.A. TV Live 5 hour special broadcast online on the 13th of February.

In short, anybody can register and pay for P.T.A. World fanclub starting from today, and not just applicable to those who pre-registered. Registrants will receive a member ID and temporary password which they can use when the fanclub site activates all membership accounts later in February. Each membership lasts a year, from 14 February 2013 till 13 Febuary 2014. However, each membership will last up till 13 February 2014, where membership costs are subjected to change. The site explains that regardless on when you have registered during that year, the membership costs will  remain at 1,200 yen.


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