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Samples images of the CD Jacket covers for Japanese electro-pop group Perfume‘s forthcoming single, Mirai no Museum, have just been published on the Web.

Here’s what the first-print limited and regular editions of the CD single looks like:

Limited Edition

perfume mirai no museum first print limited edition jacket

Regular Edition

perfume mirai no museum regular edition jacket

Fans who pre-order Mirai no Museum in Japan will receive a special “CD Jacket sticker”, the design of which will be different depending on if you’ve picked up the limited or the regular edition. Although no images for the stickers have yet been published, it is said that the stickers’ designs are based on the respective CD jacket art.

Mirai no Museum is the theme song to the Doraemon 2013 anime movie, Doraemon: Nobita no Himitsu Dougu Museum, due to be released in theatres in Japan March 9, 2013 – which is also the same date that Perfume’s single is slated to come out on.

Currently Mirai no Museum is also used as the ending theme for the Doraemon TV anime series that airs in Japan Fridays at 7PM (GMT+0900 hours) on TV Asahi, as a means to promote the forthcoming anime film.

Doraemon, the anime franchise about a blue robotic cat who hails from the future, has seen a new anime film almost every year since 1980 (the only exception was 2005).

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