Nendoroid Kagamine Twins Append

It’s a double treat for fans of the adorable Vocaloid twins.

Good Smile Company has begun accepting pre-orders for the soon to be launched Kagamine Rin: Append and Kagamine Len: Append. These Nendoroids will be released together on June 30. Each sold separately.

Kagamine Twins cheerful

Both Nendoroids are 100mm in height and will each sport three different facial expressions.

Rin comes with a happy expression, a winking face and a pleading face. The last one allows you to make it seem like Rin is begging something from Len. The Kagamine Rin: Append Nendoroid gives off a more mature appeal.

Rin Pleading Look

The Kagamine Len: Append, on the other hand, displays a more modern look. Just like Rin, he has a cheerful expression and a winking face. Len also comes with a confident expression that exhibits his coolness.

Len Confident Look

Each package includes a background board, allowing you to easily take photographs of Rin and Len.

Kagamine Twins Back Board

Although these latest offerings from Good Smile Company won’t be sold in a set, they are designed in such a way that they can have great poses together. They can be arranged back-to-back. The charming twins can even hold hands while winking.

Kagamine Twins Back to Back

Kagamine Twins wink

With a variety of features offered by these Nendoroids, let your imagination fly and create different poses of the Kagamine twins.

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