In Japan, Net anime Puchimas! -Petit [email protected] is streamed daily (each episode is only about two minutes long) on Nico Nico Douga and Animate TV – both of which are IP-blocked and accessible only from within Japan.

In the US, FUNimation announced that they will be streaming the [email protected] spin-off series, starting today, January 14. But again, the streamed episodes with English subtitles are accessible only in the States – they’re IP-blocked.

But you know what’s not IP-blocked?


Also, Dengeki Online, where you can go to download these awesome Puchimas! -Petit [email protected] (ぷちます!-プチ・アイドルマスター-) Twitter icons. There’s 14 of them in total – petite idol versions of all 13 of the series’ main stars, plus that of Kotori Otonashi, the office clerk in 765 Productions (pronounced “Namco Productions” due to an alternate reading for the numbers in Japanese).

If you want to download the entire zip file containing all 14 Twitter profile icons, head over to Dengeki Online’s story, and hit the giant pink button that has funny moon language on it.

Alternatively, we’ve listed the icons here in our gallery, and titled them accordingly – just in case you don’t know the names of these petite [email protected] creatures (they’re kept as pets by the characters in the main series), and you’d like to find out.

There are also a couple more screen captures from the actual Puchimas! anime series over at Dengeki’s story, so go there if you want to check those out.

For more information on Puchimas! -Petit [email protected], check out our previous coverage of the series here.

Source: Dengeki Online


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