Japan has many quirky variety shows, and it fits Kyary perfectly. And the eccentric fashionista came to Singapore with her co-hosts to cover its popular attractions and hotspots.

Previously titled Catherine the Third, the program has upgraded its title to Catherine the Thirteenth.

From munching pizza along Orchard Road’s Lucky Plaza to lounging at the Sky Bar at Marina Bay Sands, Kyary does all of that and more throughout the short 40 hour stay in Singapore.

Apparently, Catherine the Third has upgraded its title to Catherine the Thirteenth. part 1 of the program shows Kyary visiting Singapore’s Night Safari. While locals are pretty used to it by now, there are plenty that didn’t know that the Night Safari also has a service route catered for Japanese tourists and expatriates.

Kyary’s ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’ continue throughout the tram ride, fascinated by all the tropical animals and wildlife present within the Night Safari. Apparently hippopotamus’ attracts her, to a certain degree. She got especially excited when she saw one of the hippopotamus’ butt, proclaiming it to be cute.


Part 2 will feature more of the hotspots Kyary has visited in Singapore.

You can watch the program below:



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