Resident Evil Revelations

It has been confirmed by Capcom that the 3DS survival horror game Resident Evil: Revelations will be ported to other gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360. The game hits stores on May 21 in North America, May 23 in Japan and May 24 in Europe.

The events in the game take place between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5. Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield go aboard a supposedly abandoned cruise ship to investigate.

Below are the additional features of the game:

  • A frightening new enemy
  • Extra difficulty mode
  • Get to play as Hunk or the other characters in the single player Raid Mode or the online co-op mode

Announcement trailers have also been streamed on YouTube. Check them out:

Resident Evil: Revelations lives up to its survival horror genre, being a game that promises scarcity of weapons, ammo and supplies for players to utilize. Roam through tight and dark areas without knowing what kind of dangers await. Can you last until the end?

Sources: Famitsu and Resident Evil Official Channel


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