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Samurai & Dragons, Sega’s first free-to-play title on the PlayStation Vita, is venturing outside of its homeland in Japan.

The Tokyo-based games publisher announced today that it plans to launch a localized English version of Samurai & Dragons in seven Asian territories – Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia – sometime in Spring 2013.

Curiously enough, it appears that the English version will only be launched in Asia, but not in the US or Europe – at least, not for the moment.

After it is launched, PS Vita gamers in Asia will be able to download the game client directly from the PlayStation store in their region, and start playing immediately.

What’s Samurai & Dragons?

Samurai & Dragons is described as an action-strategy hybrid where players will co-operate with one another in 4-player dungeons, but otherwise fight against each other for territorial control over the fictional land of Gaia=End.

Gameplay in Samurai & Dragons is split up into three parts: Action, Simulation, and Card Battles.

Action part

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In the Action part, gamers play the role of an adventurer – one of five possible classes (Warrior, Samurai, Ninja, Mage, and Gunner) – and team up with other players to explore dungeons and defeat high-level bosses to earn experience points and other rewards. Controls in the Action part are fairly simple, with each of the PS Vita’s four face buttons (O, X, Square and Triangle) mapped to a special attack of your choice, and the R shoulder button mapped to an evasive roll.

Each time you clear a dungeon you earn star and crystal points that can be used to redeem monster, weapon, and skill cards in a random lottery. Skill and weapon cards you can equip directly on your adventurer in between dungeon-crawls, while monster cards will come into play during the Card Battle portion of the game.

Simulation part

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In the Simulation part, you’ll play the role of a governor or lord instead, developing a plot of land that you own in Gaia=End by farming resources and building various structures in order to turn it into a powerful kingdom.

Your goal in the Simulation part is to eventually become the ruler of one of the strongest kingdoms in Gaia=End, which will earn you the right to excavate the danger-filled “Debris Tower” dungeon in the Action part.

Card Battle part

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Finally, in the Card Battle part of the game, you assemble teams of monsters to defend your kingdom, and pit them against monster teams that other players own in order to expand your kingdom’s territory and amass more control over the land.

What’s interesting about the Card Battle part is that from time to time Sega will run special collaboration campaigns during which players will be able to obtain monster cards featuring characters from other game franchises.

For instance, back in November and December last year, players could add Sonic the Hedgehog, Virtua Fighter’s Akira Yuki, and other such gaming icons through a Sega All-Star seasonal card pack.

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