tsukihime remake 03

Update: now with video.

Original story: The great thing about Internet shopping, especially in Japan, is that sometimes packages arrive early. For instance, although the Type-Moon Fes Blu-ray set is not slated to be released until today (January 16) in Japan, a few lucky fans have already received theirs last night.

And some of these early parcel recipients have decided to share with the rest of us the following images screen-capped from a special video montage of Type-Moon’s upcoming PC visual novel remake, Tsukihime.

Some of the images you see below are not new; they were first shown at the Type-Moon Fes -10th Anniversary Event- back in July 2012, as well as in a Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Phantasm art book. And since the box set itself is basically Type-Moon’s way of archiving all of the event’s announcements and footage, naturally hardcore fans who were able to make it to the event itself wouldn’t be expecting to see anything new.

And that’s where they’d be wrong. This is Type-Moon we’re talking about, after all.

According to those fans, the images of Satsuki, Kohaku, and Hisui that you see below were never shown at Type-Moon Fes to begin with.

So consider this your first look at them:

Source: Akiba Jigoku, Crunchyroll


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