Southeast Asia-based Anisong unit SeaA is cutting its first album, record label Lantis announced today. The four-girl unit’s first album will be released in Japan on March 27.

SeaA’s first album will feature all four of their singles released so far, as well as a couple of additional songs thus far only included in editions released outside of Japan. In all, this album release includes a total of 10 songs.

Three of the four members in SeaA – Beryl, Valerie and Estelle – were born and bred in Singapore. The three of them are joined by Malaysian gal Wynnie, and all four of them were scouted to form the Anisong unit when they were working at the maid cafe booth at Anime Festival Asia 2008 here in Singapore. Since then, their songs have been featured as opening or ending themes to anime titles such as Cardfight!! Vanguard and Toriko.

Here at SGCafe we previously did an interview with SeaA’s girls back in 2011.

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