Sega to announce new Sonic title next month rumour mill

According to The Sonic Stadium, sources close to Sega have informed them that the developer plans on announcing a new Sonic title for the current gaming platforms as well as the next gen consoles next month. The new game will be revealed around mid-February.

The gameplay will use the formula of the recent Sonic games—a fusion of 3D movement and 2D side-scrolling sections. The 3DS version, however, will offer a different gaming experience. According to the source, it will follow the format of Sonic Rush games for the DS. Players can select from different characters, each having their own skills.

The title for the new Sonic game has not been finalized. The source also adds that the new game is scheduled to be released in September.

Since these are just rumours, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for an official announcement from Sega.

via Nintendo Life


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