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One new wallpaper, each focusing on a different character from Tadatoshi Fujimaki’s hit manga and anime series Kuroko’s Basketball, to be released on Shonenjump.com every day – starting from today (January 4) with Tetsuya Kuroko – as part of a web campaign meant to commemorate a series of recent milestones for the series.

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What milestones are we talking about? Well, for starters the TV anime adaptation of Kuroko’s Basketball has just recently received the green light for a second season (like we reported last month).

This month, the series is getting a 19-page full-colour chapter in the new issue of Weekly Shounen Jump (WJ) that just went on sale today (January 4).

Finally, on February 4, tankoubon (trade paperback compilation of the chapters serialised in Weekly Shounen Jump) volume 21 of the series is slated to be released.

Not exactly gigantic milestones here, but given the string of terrible Kuroko’s Basketball news lately (by no fault of the series creator Tadatoshi Fujimaki or anyone else involved in the manga and anime production), I’d say any cause is a good cause for fans to celebrate.

The campaign will last all the way till the day volume 21 comes out, February 4, and a total of 32 such character wallpapers will be released. Will your favourite character make it in the list of 32?

wallpaper list

To grab these desktop wallpapers, simply head over to this link here and click on the various dates on list of available character wallpapers somewhere in the middle of the page.

Apart from desktop wallpapers, Shounen Jump will also release a slew of 32 iPhone wallpapers that users can access and download through a free shonenjump.com app, available from the iTunes App Store.

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