An updated “V2” iteration of Singaporean fan developer Seow Zong Hui’s (also known as DM MCZ Sonic) Street Fighter X Mega Man free-to-download PC game will be released soemtime in January, according to Capcom’s Online/Community Manager Brett Elston (Brelston).

Although Capcom has not officially announced yet exactly what’s been changed in the new V2 iteration, community manager Brelston said on the Capcom-Unity forums that it will address at least some of the issues that forum user gatordile pointed out in the thread he started, entitled “Glitches in SFxMM”:

1. If you lock your computer or close your screen with game running the video doesn’t want to come back. You have to close the game and restart. I think it’s an issue with your computer needing to refresh the screen.

2. If you get killed at the same time as you kill the last boss in the boss rush you can’t re-enter their tube. You are stuck in the level. I’m not sure if this is a problem with any boss during boss rush or if it’s just the last boss you fight.

3. The top of ladders don’t seem to want you to grab them. Some full jumps are awkward.

4. Esc key should have a yes or no menu to safely close the game. I’ve exited on accident a couple times.

5. (Not really a issue since I don’t do it, but) Urien can be easily killed by pausing game with mine sweeper explosion over him.

Since Capcom first released Street Fighter X Mega Man last month on December 17, creator DM MCZ Sonic has been monitoring player response to his work, along with any bugs or serious problems that he hoped to be able to fix and release as an updated version of the game – if Capcom would allow him an avenue to do so.

As the game was a one-off deal, there was no guarantee that an update to the title would happen, especially since Capcom is distributing the game for free.

Street Fighter X Mega Man was a collaboration between Capcom and DM MCZ Sonic made possible only by the stars aligning on one fateful day back in July 2012, when Sonic ran into Capcom USA’s Senior Vice-President Christian Svensson at EVO, the world’s biggest fighting games tournament event, and promptly showed him a half-finished build of the PC title.

According to Svensson, normally Capcom’s legal team is forced to shut down any such fan game creation, no matter how amazing it might be (which Zong Hui’s work no doubt was), simply because it might interfere with the global video games conglomerate’s rights in holding on to their intellectual properties in certain territories.

Fortunately for Sonic (and Mega Man and Street Fighter fans all over the world), Capcom happened to be looking for something big to launch their plans to celebrate the Mega Man franchise’s 25th anniversary, and Sonic’s fan game was not only impressive, but doubly more apt because it involved Street Fighter – whose 25th anniversary ends right around the start of Mega Man’s 25th birthday bash.

Street Fighter X Mega Man V2: bug fixes… plus more?

Street Fighter x Mega Man is a game full of easter eggs for fans to discover. For instance, by entering a code in the menu, you can replace the game’s entire soundtrack with just one song (that will now play in every single situation): an 8-bit remix of Guile’s theme from Street Fighter 2, entitled “Goes with Anything”.

Which begs the question: now that Capcom has green-lit an update to the title, will V2 simply contain bug fixes, or will the development team be implementing a couple more special easter eggs, if only to get those who’ve already cleared the game to revisit it?

Of course, given that the game itself has only been released for about two weeks, chances are outside of bug fixes, the development team may not have had any extra time to include something special for the fans. So we’re not holding our breath here.

That said, last week, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono did tweet the following image to DM MCZ Sonic Capcom’s Brett Elston, asking that it be “joined” into Street Fighter X Mega Man:


ono twitter

Of course, chances are Ono’s simply jesting (as usual; he’s not called “Trollono” by his fans online for no reason), but you never know.


[Update] The 8-bit Ono pixel art that you see above was actually drawn by DM Sonic himself, as a gift to the venerable producer. We were mistaken in thinking that Ono came up with the drawing and sent it to SFxMM creator DM Sonic and Capcom’s Brelston, as Team DM’s Samuel Ong (Shen Ou) points out to us. Thanks for the clarification!

Will there be anything extra? We’ll just have to find out later this month when the updated version of Street Fighter X Mega Man is released.

Until then, we leave you with this link of Singapore sponsored player and Canadian Cup SSF4 champ Ho Kun Xian (DM Xian) failing badly at Street Fighter X Mega Man.

DM Xian getting perfected

If, like me, you previously thought SFxMM was too difficult for your gaming aptitude, all it takes is a couple minutes with Xian’s contrived attempt at clearing the game to realise that you’re not alone in your plight.

In fact, if anything, watching Xian play the game (badly) is a good way to re-invigorate your fighting spirit, so that you’ll be prepared to square off against 8-bit world warriors when the new version of the fan game drops.

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