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Wonder if these guys are the ones who taught Detective Conan how to stay a kid even after 20 years…

The trailer for the previously announced Nintama Rantarou (or Ninja Rantarou, as they used to call it back when it was on Channel 8) live-action movie sequel has begun streaming on the movie’s webpage.

For those who don’t remember or were too young to remember, Nintama Rantarou follows the adventures of Rantarou and his friends as they attend Ninja school; this year marks the 20th anniversary of the original series.

You can watch the trailer here.

The plot for the movie revolves around an ancient sword that Rantarou and his friends at the Ninja Academy have been tasked to retrieve. The sword is said to give the wielder the power to take over the world, so naturally the boys can expect stiff competition from rival ninja hoping to claim the sword first.


Seishirou Katou reprises his previous role as the titular character and Ryuta Tasaki (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Akibaranger) will be directing the second live-action Nintama Rantaro film. The first live-action film was directed Takashi Miike .

Nintama Rantarou: Operation Summer Homework is scheduled to hit theatres this July.

Source: JEFusion, Nipponcinema, Official Website



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