Hello Tankers! Haku here with the latest update on World of Tanks! The MMO tank warfare game has just introduced a brand new Chinese Tank arsenal, tailored for the inner proletariat in you!

Accompanying the Soviet, American, British, German and French tech trees, this particular inclusion promises a different twist to digital armoured warfare!


In previous patches, Wargaming.net released several Chinese tanks without any substantial tech tree to actually research.

However, the new update has brought with it a fully decked out tech tree for the Chinese warmachine, including light, medium and heavy tanks that differ slightly from the other tier branches.

In terms of armour protection they are more than decent for each tier, with sloped armour and mud flaps increasing the chance for ricochet. The medium tier tanks also excel at mid-range engagements with new improvements like the 85mm and the 105mm guns that make these monsters a huge problem on the battlefield against lighter armoured cousins like the Shermans and the Cromwells.

To take a look at the tech tree in more detail, refer to the complete detailed outline below.


However, there still are no dedicated SPGs that the Chinese tier has access to, so you’ll have to get your artillery groove from somewhere else.

In the meantime to learn more about World of Tanks SEA, head over to http://worldoftanks-sea.com/.

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