The World Wide Web is a great place to express your fandom and love for anime and games. And I would bet that you’ve tried quizzes such as “Which <insert anime/game title here> character are you?”

However, tables are turned with the “joke web service” ShindanMaker, which allows users to create ridiculous (not to mention often anime-inspired) personality test quizzes whose results are based on the name or username entered.

In this particular one, you are an anime character and the diagnosis/fortune-telling quiz gives you a name of a Japanese seiyuu based on the name you typed in.

I played with it for a bit and got some interesting and crazy results.

First, I tried typing in my nickname, and it generated a male seiyuu (I’m a girl for goodness’ sake!).

ShindanMaker first name

Unsatisfied with previous outcome, I typed in my full name.

ShindanMaker full name

This time, I’m satisfied. I love Marina Inoue’s (Guren Lagann’s Yoko) voice and it would be a great pleasure to be voiced by her, if I was an anime character.

I also tried “ellehaym”…

ShindanMaker sgcafe name

…and got a male seiyuu again. Ugh!

I was curious about the other results generated by ShindanMaker so I typed our administrator’s username:

ShindanMaker sentinel011 result

According to ShindanMaker, sentinel011 will be voiced by Daisuke Ono, the seiyuu behind Kuroshitsuji’s Sebastian Michaelis.

I was having so much fun so I also tried our editor’s username.ShindanMaker KarbyP result

ShindanMaker says KarbyP will be voiced by Kazuya Nakai, the seiyuu who lent his voice to One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro.

And so, if SGCafe becomes an anime and we have to hire seiyuus, I would surely use this post as a reference.

Try ShindanMaker as well and share your results below!


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