What does The Guided Fate Paradox, Nippon Ichi Software’s latest RPG, have in common with Love Live, the anime centered around a school idol group?

Believe it or not, long before NIS released The Guided Fate Paradox (also known as Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox), the company announced that as part of a collaboration, the members of μ’s (“muse”, the fictional idol group from Love Live) would be voice actresses for the game.

Now, The Guided Fate Paradox will get its own character song album including songs performed by the female characters–in other words, the girls from μ’s.

The characters featured in this album, along with their Love Live alter egos, are as follows:

Lilliel Saotome (CV: Niko Yazawa (Sora Tokui))


Kuroiel Ryuzaki (CV: Honoka Kousaka (Emi Nitta))


Lanael Shiratori (CV: Eri Ayase (Yoshino Nanjo))


Cheriel Ayanokoji (CV: Nozomi Toujou (Aina Kusuda))


Neliel Tojo (CV: Hanayo Koizumi (Yurika Kubo))


Flunetey Koizuka (CV: Maki Nishikino (Pile))


Minamo Kagurazaka (CV: Rin Hoshizora (Riho Iida))


Misery (CV: Umi Sonoda (Suzuko Mimori))


Asagi (CV: Kotori Minami (Aya Uchida))


The Guided Fate Paradox’s character song album will be released on April 24 for the price of 3,000 yen. In the meantime, you can play The Guided Fate Paradox in Japanese (or wait for the English version), or watch Love Live! School Idol Project, airing in Japan now.

Source: Love Live Official Website


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