Miiverse updates feb 2013

Nintendo has taken a step towards protecting young children from the dangers in and beyond the cyber world.

Within the last 24 hours, Wii U players below 12 years of age are no longer allowed to directly send or receive friend requests. However, they can still add friends outside the Miiverse by exchanging Nintendo Network IDs with people in their Friend List. The move is to prevent young players from exchanging Nintendo Network IDs and 3DS Friend Codes through the Miiverse. To sum it all up, this Wii U update will only permit the young ones to be friends with the people they know in Miiverse.

The Code of Conduct section of the Miiverse has also received some updates:

  • Mods will be stricter in terms of deleting posts that are unrelated to the specific game of a community.
  • Users can only add posts after every five minutes in Miiverse. Previously, players can post as much as they wanted to. The comments, however, are not included in this update.

Here are the other small updates:

  • Users will get a notification whenever there’s a new follower.
  • Users will no longer be notified if there are new comments on a post, unless the comment comes from the original poster. This update is in response to user complaints of receiving too many notifications.

Source: IGN


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