doa5 fighters pack

Whenever I play a game like Dead or Alive 5, I always think about how it makes the women in my life (my mother) feel.

It’s great – and rare – when a fighting game like Dead or Alive has more female characters than the male ones.

But did I ever asked for scantily-clad babes in my fighting games? Nope. Never. At least, it wasn’t me. I’m fine with my female fighters being fully clothed and dressed like my auntie (okay, maybe not that last part).

Do I appreciate the fanservice though, when a game like Dead or Alive 5 puts its well-endowed characters in sexy swimwear? Yes. Of course I do. It’s fanservice.

But I also think about how it makes the ladies feel.

So when Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja make DLC like the Fighters’ Pack, which comes out later this month and which depicts the series’ handsome men in MMA tights and grapple gloves, I heartily approve.

This one’s for all you womenfolk out there.

And for all of you Bayman, Hayabusa, Rig and Jann Lee players who’ve always wanted a character costume choice for when you want to show your opponent that the next fight’s for reals (or not).

The Fighters’ Pack character costume DLC for Dead or Alive 5 will hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live sometime in February 2013.


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