dragon ball z dydo canned drinks

You can easily toss out a can of carbonated drink after gulping all the contents up into the trash bin, but when it’s designed with your favourite characters from Dragon Ball Z, that’s a different story.

After the collaboration with a cup noodle brand in Japan, the Dragon Ball anime franchise has cooperated with another line of product.

DyDo, a beverage company in Japan, has revealed their new cola and cider drinks that feature a packaging designed with Dragon Ball characters.

Each type of drink will come in six different can designs. Check them out:

dragon ball z themed canned drinks

The official names of these drinks are Dragon Ball Cola Zero (the one with the red stripe) and Dragon Ball Cider (the one with the blue stripe).

Both of these beverages are part of DyDo’s new spring and summer product lineup for 2013 as well as the promotions for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods movie. The drinks will be offered nationwide (in vending machines and more) starting February 25 in Japan.

Source: Official DyDo Site via Japan Otaku Channel


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