Only 2,000 units of this luxurious bundle – which contains PS store codes for FF1 through 9, official soundtracks for those nine games, and a pamphlet detailing items shown at the 25th Anniversary Final Fantasy Exhibition in Japan – are available throughout Asia.

Why so few quantities? That’s because the Final Fantasy Digital Collection isn’t for everyone – its suggested retail price here in Singapore is S$209.

This is really only meant for die-hard fans who must have everything.

If you’re one such fan, however, Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong and Square Enix are including in this collection a few Asia-exclusive items to make the collection worth owning.

For starters, the PlayStation Store download codes for Final Fantasy 1 through 9 won’t just come on some lame piece of paper.

Instead, the download voucher codes will come on cards (one for each title from FF1 to 9) featuring a Yoshitaka Amano illustration on the front, and the prologue of each game transcribed in English and Chinese on the back.

Unfortunately, the games included in this collection are all in Japanese. But let’s face it – if you’re somebody who’s willing to spend over 200 bucks for an FF collection, then you’ve probably played all the games in English already to begin with. You’ve probably played a few of them in Japanese too; now play them all in their native language for a challenge.

All nine games will be playable on the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita.

Here’s what the artwork on the download card for FF1 looks like:

ff1 download card

And here’s what the CD jacket for the original soundtrack (Music Collection FINAL FANTASY® I-IX ~MASTER PIECES~) included in the FF Digital Collection looks like:

FF25th_Asia_CD Jacket_121227

At the moment, we’re still trying to ascertain just exactly how much music is stored in this Music Collection FINAL FANTASY® I-IX ~MASTER PIECES~ OST.

There’s no information on whether this is a single-disc compilation, or a full-fledged OST spanning multiple discs. All we know so far is that the following two songs are confirmed on the tracklist: The Red Wings from Final Fantasy IV, and  Terra’s Theme from Final Fantasy VI.

We’ll update this post once we obtain more concrete details on the soundtrack.

In the meantime, if the Final Fantasy Digital Collection sounds like something you’d buy, make sure to call up your favourite games retailer and enquire on it as soon as possible.

Chances are, the collection is available here from retailers by special order only.


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