The first ever Garena Talk Gaming DJs League of Legends Challenge Party begin earlier today, and we took a sneak peek at its programs and activities. Fellow LoL players from the community met and play with the Garena Gaming DJs, as well as the players from Singapore Sentinels at the Garena Stadium. Attendees also stand to win from a large pool of prizes ranging from key-chains, League of Legends T-Shirts, Garena Shells, and even plushies from their Garena Stadium Shop. All they had to do is participate in their challenges and hang around to socialise with other players to participate in the Lucky Draw!

For those who are unable to join the party, there were able to tune in at the Gaming DJs room on Garena Talk (Room ID:57) to watch the live streaming.


Here are some of the activities that are still ongoing at press time:

DJ vs DJ Challenges – Gaming DJs Liljaguar and NYM SexyBoy will each lead a team to play against each other in Proving Grounds, Summoners Rift and Dominion. Players who performed well are rewarded with prizes.

Legend vs Legend Slayer – A face off between SGS.hyhy with Glxy.Reina, as they face off in a Draft Mode Best of 3 in Proving Grounds.

SGS & DJ Showcase match – There is also an exhibition game between the Gaming DJs and the Singapore Sentinels in a very special version of the game in Summoner’s Rift.

SGS + DJ ARAM and Twisted Treeline Challenge – Join your favourite Gaming DJs and SGS in a match of Proving Grounds and Twisted Treeline! Stand to win prizes by attaining victory with their team in this challenge!

Lucky Draw + Phototaking Session – Of course those who werent able to participate in the challenges, they could still be walking away with lucky draw prizes such as key-chains, cups, T-shirts and Plushies in their Lucky Draw event! Moreover, fans can get up close and personal with their favourite DJs and SGS members for photo-taking during the event.


Do head on down to catch a glimpse of the event, especially if you are around the area and catch this article after work!

The event, managed by the Gaming DJs to promote the game, held great vibes as it brings players closer together. We hope to see more of the event in the future.

Don’t miss our upcoming interview with the fabulous Ahri cosplayer whom is also one of the DJs, Liljaguar at the event!


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