female characters of tamako market in swimsuits

In almost every school life anime, there is always an episode where the characters are having fun either at the beach or pool. That means you get to see the girls wearing their swimsuits. Tamako Market is no different. In fact, the upcoming episode is set at the beach.

To give a bit of a teaser, KyoAni has released illustrations of the female characters in their swimwear. For now, we won’t be seeing them in full colour because that would just kill the excitement for the next episode, right?

Tamako Kitashirakawa

tamako market - tamako in swimsuit

Midori Tokiwa

tamako market - midori in swimsuit

Kanna Makino

tamako market - kanna in swimsuit

Shiori Asagiri

tamako market - shiori in swimsuit

 Aren’t they cute?

Tamako Market episode 5 web preview:

Source: ぐっ速


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