2013 NIS JRPGs for PS3

Even after Sony’s press event for the PlayStation 4, there are still plenty of reasons to be ecstatic about PlayStation 3 games. Among them is the launch of three Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) games to the North American and European markets—all are PS3 exclusives.

Disgaea Dimensions 2: A Brighter Darkness

This tactical RPG is slated for release in Japan in about a month, with a western launch scheduled this fall. Disgaea Dimensions 2: A Brighter Darkness shares the same graphical style as Disgaea 4 and is rumoured to be Disgaea: Hour of Darkness’ direct sequel. This release is part of a back to back celebration: the 20th anniversary of NIS and the 10th anniversary of the Disgaea franchise. DLCs will be launched after the game’s release.

Time and Eternity

This game was released in the latter part of 2012 in Japan and will hit shelves this summer in Europe and North America. The characters were drawn using cel animation which makes Time and Eternity (a.k.a. Toki to Towa) the “first high-definition animation RPG”. The game is set in a place called Kamza and opens up with a male protagonist about the marry Toki, the princess of the kingdom. The main focus of the plot, however, is the alter-ego of the princess named Towa.

The Guided Fate Paradox

Known as Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox (KamiPara) in Japan, this game will also launch in the west this fall. This RPG features roguelike gameplay, so expect dungeons that are randomly generated and tons of customizations.

Source: IGN


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