Chemistry students, don’t you ever wish your bland and boring chemistry textbooks be filled with your favourite anime characters, teaching and explaining the fundamentals?

よくでる数学2B 合

Chukei Publishing to the rescue! The Company had published “Lucky☆Star  – Impressive learning Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)”. It is the second collaboration study book following the previous “Lucky☆Star  – Impressive learning Chemistry (Theories) ”.

Inside the book, characters from “Lucky Star” will be taking chemistry classes with you via manga panels and conversations. You will learn about Organic Chemistry (hydrocarbons, ester, amino acids and more) from the very beginning with Konata, Tsukasa and other girls. With many new illustrations by author Kagami Yoshimizu, Kawai-juku top class popularity and skilled teacher Takashi Matsubara explains point by point.

Some preview pages from the book:
sub111 sub29 sub310

Plus, you’ll not only find a poster by Kagami Yoshimizu on the back side of the book cover, but also a reversible B4 chart of reaction pathways to support you!

The book will be priced at 1,575 yen.




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